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JS Masterpieces

Ever since I was a young child I have always been creating art, either with my hands or in my head. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized how passionate I was about creating and evoking emotion from those who view my work. This led to staying in my studio till the early morning the music playing loud and both my hands flying across the canvas flinging paint in every direction.

The majority of my artwork has roots in realism. I have a strong attraction to the challenge of depicting an image in front of me as accurately as possible. My portraits are based on animals, people, and the various elements of the world that surround me. Creating a realistic image requires an incredibly large amount of detail and my need to achieve perfection on a constant basis drives me to not put the paintbrush down until I have accomplished this. I don’t stop at ten, I go for 11.

My Medium that I favor has always been pen and ink but I have naturally progressed and moved on to now create new works in oil paint. I am drawn to their ability to bring objects to life by allowing me to render true expression and detail in a dramatic fashion. Its broadened my horizons.

While in High School I received a solid foundation of art through constant practice and training. This led me to start my own business which evolved into having my work in numerous galleries and even one museum. I have been commissioned for human and animal portraits across the country. I am currently on a brief hiatus this semester of college, but I am anxiously anticipating the arrival of next semester to begin learning a variety of new techniques to help perfect my craft.

​​Artist Statement

Justin Israel Sanchez (Age:18)